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Beatrice Blanc Studios

Suzuki Violin, MacPhail Center for Music

2020-2021 AtAGlance


  Fall    Spring 
 September  February
   12345   123456
 6789101112  78910111213
 13141516171819   14151617181920
 20212223242526  21222324252627
 27282930     28      
 October  March
     123   123456
 45678910  78910111213
 11121314151617  14151617181920
 18192021222324  21222324252627
 25262728293031  28293031   
 November  April
 1234567      123
 891011121314  45678910
 15161718192021  11121314151617
 22232425262728  18192021222324
 2930       252627282930 
 December  May
   12345        1
 6789101112  2345678
 13141516171819  9101112131415
 20212223242526  16171819202122
 2728293031    23242526272829


  MacP tchg day MacP tchg day
 non-MacP day non-MacP day
 Grps/Orch Grps/Orch
 NOGrps/Orch/Lssn NOGrps/Orch/Lssn
 ChbrOrchRetreat7Sen.sConc.s 1&3p
31,12Grps PlayIn27,24Grps PlayIn
20Orch Conc 1:30p25Orch Conc 1:30p
1Fa Studio Rec 32Spr Studio Rec 3p
11SenConAud.s 1-3p15,16SuzOrchAud.s


This year's Seniors' Concerts are
on March 7th, at 1:00 & 3:00; 

Our studio will be represented by
Ciera Hanson!! playing Borowski's Adoration.

Students in our program grow up watching older kids perform at recitals and PlayIns...this particular concert is deeply inspiring to everyone!

The graduating seniors all write essays which we read in the program that day, and we get to hear them culminate their years of study in one glorious afternoon.

Stay tuned for details in the dept. newsletter The Gavotte which is emailed out every Thursday.

Parents as Partners Online starts now!

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Parents as Partners Online is a series of over fifty short online videos for Suzuki parents and teachers, addressing Suzuki-related topics such as practice tips, motivation, encouragement for parents and much more!


Each Monday for the next 9 weeks, at least five to six videos will be aired. Once posted, all talks will be available online through December 15.

How It Works

  • The first batch of videos airs today, January 27. Following that initial launch, new video lectures will be added each Monday, and we’ll email you then too.

  • Videos can be watched on any web-enabled device: desktop and laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets—including iPhones and iPads.

  • Audio only “podcast” version can be accessed by clicking on the “Podcast” button at the top of any Parents as Partners Online page.

  • Transcripts of the newest videos can viewed on the video pages.

  • Once posted, all videos can be watched online at any time through December 15.

    To subscribe to this series at our studio rate of $12 for full access, 
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Blanc Studio Recitals

Our biannual celebrations of progress!

alt                                                                                  Antonello Hall


   Fall Studio Costume Recital: Sunday, November 1st, 2020 at 3:00 via Zoom
Spring Studio Recital: Sunday, May 2nd, 2020 at 3:00 location tbd
Spr date & location subject to change per Antonello's availability

Students can also participate in Friday-night Suzuki Department Recitals
and MacPhail All-School Recitals at the invitation of their teacher.